The First CD:

"This is just a first emotion driven reaction to your CD that I received today ... "this is like a big fat needle injecting an unbelievable amount of rock emotion directly into my heart !!!" … I can't believe how good this is .….true/honest ‘n unpretentious… I was missing this kind of music …well basically since my very early days ... I LOVE IT !!! I will do my best to promote you !!! Cheerz 'n THANKS for being out there !!!"

Lord Litter, Music Director, Radio Maribu, Berlin, Germany


"As I write I am listening to your CD. Fair Dinkum! I am up to track five and what I have heard so far is brilliant. I just love ‘Mental Floss’ and ‘Rot-Gut Whiskey’ and track 5 ‘Wooly Bully’. It’s really great and I thank you all so much."

Dave Redford, Good Company 99.7 FM Brisbane, Australia


"I did receive your CD today. And I am very proud to be the second radio station in the world to get it (and the first European one). I have not listened to the whole of it, but the few tracks I could hear did convince me. I changed the playlist for tomorrow to include it in the show. This is a big privilege I do to you, because  normally, I never play a record I did not hear completely."

Pierre Gerard, Program Director, H106.1 FM Belgium


"Got your CD in the post today…great stuff, dirty rock and roll at last! I think ‘Party in My Pants’ is great!!!!!!! The lyrics are brill. We will be playing it non stop."

Kieran Hurley, Program Director, CCR 97.4 FM Cork, Ireland


"I'm pleased to inform you that when I came home from work yesterday, I found your CD in my mailbox. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm an old rocker who's been following the Hardrock/Metal scene since my innitiation to the scene in the late sixties, early seventies. My heart has a soft spot for the the seventies and you guys hit bulls eye with this CD. Look for my review of the CD in our REVIEW PAGE. Thank God there's bands still around playing this kind of Rock. I wish there were more bands like yours. I'll present your CD in our show  of course. This was a pleasant surprise to me and your CD will keep on spinning in my CD-player for a long, long time to come. Keep on rockin' guys, I love your romp-stomping groove!!!!!!"

Curt M. Sigurdsen, Programmer, TOPP Radio/High Voltage, 101.1 FM Olso, Norway


"I received your CD and I thought OH NO another bad Iron Maiden or Metallica imitation, but no way! It sounded quite good and the CD has definitely it’s own sound. I make up the format for Powerradio and make CDs for the DJs to play on air and can tell you that The Last Band On Earth is on it……the DJs will play your CD and who knows what we can do for The Last Band On Earth in the Netherlands!"

Jordan van Bergen, Music Director, Powerradio FM 97.1 The Netherlands


"Received your C.D. Thursday. It’s Great! A solid album! I will play " Party in my Pants".

Louis Lord, Évasion Rock CKIA 96.1 FM, Beauport, Canada


"Thanks for the CD. You guys must be killer live! Good work! All the best!"

Don Campau, Programmer, KKUP 91.5FM Santa Clara, California


"Cheers! Keep up the good work, this planet is dependent on you, thanks."

Rod Keady, Music Director, Bondi 88.0 FM Sydney, Australia


"I’d see them! The Last Band on Earth put up a good fight. They have a new CD that ought to play well in clubs like The Gardens and Pure Energy. Horn’s electric guitar sizzles and Ryan keeps a good hard beat. Lyrically, life’s a party for The Last Band On Earth!"

Jeremy Simon, Entertainment Writer, The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Colorado


"You can definitely salute TLBOE for keeping what can be best defined as true rock alive. If you're into heavy guitar and rock type vocals, this CD is for you! "Mental Floss" has a cool ZZ Top sound to it. It makes me wanna jump on the Harley that I don't have and drive to Texas and spend money I don't have on hookers in a brothel that doesn't exist! Thanks for sending me your promo pack. It was awesome!"

Nathan Levi, Geekstar Magazine.


Pirate Radio:

"Remember the glory days of Skynard and ZZ Top? Combine those big old warmly distorted riffs and big solos with a wicked sense of humour and you get the Last Band on Earth. I blast This Job Sucks on the office computer when work starts to get me down — I smile and laugh and all is well once again. I don’t think the boss laughs though. These cool cats are also bad dogs as evidenced by Spank that Puppy. Pirate Radio is a pretty homage to those who support independent music. And the rest the stuff you don’t hear on cdbaby— it cooks. You get two versions of their big hit— Party In My Pants. A sizzling electric version and a live acoustic version which finishes off a live radio interview with the band at the end of the CD. If this is indeed the Last Band on Earth then that’s all right by me."

Richard Amery, Kenora Daily Miner and News

"Big guitars, rock anthems, lewd lyrics and catchy choruses! Better than a pack of monkeys! Theses tunes beg you to unleash the  caveman within!"

Bill Reed, Entertainment Writer, The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"In this world of pop-hype and cloned rock, it's refreshing to find a band that doesn't subscribe to fads and does what they enjoy! Pirate Radio, besides just being a cool idea, takes me back to a time before being politically correct existed and feeds my party animal! Most of the tunes have a great Z.Z. Top/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Georgia Satellites kind of feel to them with one song, Nuclear Winter, that sounds like it ought to be on a Terminator soundtrack. It's punchy, infectious, hard-driving rock & roll with some hilarious lyrics. Just what the doctor ordered!"

"Whom do you think might remind these smiling biker-looking american guys? There’s something do very similar in their looks… oh, yes! The members of the LAST BAND OF EARTH lack long beards – otherwise they could be easily taken for the bikes-sex-and-rock’n’roll american symbols calling themselves ZZ TOP. I didn’t expect that, to be honest. And, what’s more, I didn’t expect this nice and funny CD (I mean, funny artworkwise… sarcastically portraying sceleton DJs playing the World War III radio with the world’s biggest ruined sightseeing places on the background) playing classic southern party rock – merry and cleanly dirty at the same time, sometimes quite vulgar and utterly american. Such music can be played only by american guys with big beer-bellies with their mind stuck in the 60’s-70’s… From time to time, doing their best to vary their musical flow (even thought not too homogenious, I must say), they begin to rock, playing speedy (in the vein of early DEEP PURPLE) songs like "Spank That Puppy" or dark and moody melodies like "Nuclear Winter". By the way, enjoyed this very thing most of all, although the band and pop-radiostations claim the superhit of the album is a sexually-obsessed one-day-song "Party In My Pants" with brutal lyrics like: "I can’t stand the pressure ‘cause somethin’s gonna blow / The Earth will be a tremblin’ for 20 mile or so / So, hunker in my bunker and get ready for the blow / If you need some protection, Honey, I have got the gun / Get a load of my hot pistol, Darlin’, it’s not just for fun".

Anyway, THE LAST BAND ON EARTH is truly professional, and the guys really rule! I was caught by a nostalgic wave, missing hot summer winds and the road’s calls… getting sorry about having a simple and extremely cheap Ukrainian chopper in my garage and not a proud “Harley” bird… But… welll… what I’m talking about? I just wanted to say: T.L.B.O.E. - forever! ;)"

Evgen A. Pilipenko, "M"/Metal Music Magazine, Ukraine, Russia (English Translation)