The Last Band On Earth is really two bands... maybe three.

 We are firstly, an Original Rock recording act. The band has released two CDs on the Renegade Arts label and currently working on the third, contributed to Queen and Kiss tribute albums for Italy's Adrenaline Records, had extensive radio play around the globe, had four number one songs on, had our single -Party In My Pants- featured in a movie, and played countless concerts working with major label artists.

 ...And secondly, we are a nightclub act covering a wide variety of popular Rock hits from the 70's, 80s, 90s, and newer, as well as Rockabilly/Swing, and a Pink Floyd Tribute. Our shows are like a box of chocolates... sometimes sweet and nutty, sometimes gooey in the middle, but always full of surprises! So we invite you to join our wild galactic ride. Throw your cares, your angst, and your political correctness out the porthole and just have some crazy fun with us as we plow through the universe and laugh at Armageddon! Rock While You Can! ...